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Chon no, tim viec lanh luong ngay, xem so tai khoan agribank, cach lam phi tieu giay, nhung chu khi de thuong

Bình luận

Emil Chudzik
I see that you have always digging in soft sand :)? Do you meet some hardened ground ever with root or stones? ;D
Nhận xét từ : Emil Chudzik

Bernard Aguiar
I have zero interest in construction and I really enjoy this series!
Nhận xét từ : Bernard Aguiar

Gaines IN Life
Who needs HGTV when you got RR Buildings!!
Nhận xét từ : Gaines IN Life

John Day
Great my 8th grade math teacher is proven correct. Good job with the practical demonstration of The Pythagorean Theorem. BTW, you have been using Euclidean geometry with an excellent real world example. Great work.
Nhận xét từ : John Day

George Coffman
Extend the boom to aid in vision. 2ft further out would be great.
Nhận xét từ : George Coffman

Danny Harris
I think I liked this episode of the build the most. There was a lot of information taught on squaring and I really liked the way you laid back over the video with the graphics showing how you squared up the peers for the porches. Also, I like the demonstration of the JCB. Great episode in the series. This is my 3rd time watching it.
Nhận xét từ : Danny Harris

Sand!? you should come on up to Western Washington and try your hand at glacier till hard pan.
Nhận xét từ : Ram-n_dodge

Lilly Grace
I would of just pulled a 12' 16' 20' off the building for the first layout.
Since its only 16' wide.
That is 3 4 5 multiplied by 4 .
I know the longer the better, but sometimes you can make a mistake on the calculator.
You guys do awesome work.
Don't see many guys like yall down here in Florida.

Nhận xét từ : Lilly Grace

Nephi Mitchell
I'm just wondering why it's 1/8 inch per foot slope instead of 1/4 inch per foot?
Nhận xét từ : Nephi Mitchell

Aron Clark
Curious if you've ever thought of using helical piles instead of doing concrete footings??? Just curious...
Nhận xét từ : Aron Clark

david moseley
Great vids watching in England as a chippy
Nhận xét từ : david moseley

Pace Metal Fab and Waterjet
I'm sold on the JCB for hole digging 👍👍👍
Nhận xét từ : Pace Metal Fab and Waterjet

Sean Baka
Gotta get me one of those cordless hand crank augers
Nhận xét từ : Sean Baka

Paul Betka
When you gonna build a Barndominium 😳 Like Eric
Of Texas Barndominium 😀👍✌️

Nhận xét từ : Paul Betka

mark a
I think the trick is to park the machine and just use the boom to clear.the dirt.
Nhận xét từ : mark a

Cabin ? I have seen hotels smaller than that ! :)
Nhận xét từ : HappyandAtheist

Miguel Vieira
Nhận xét từ : Miguel Vieira

simply brilliant explanation on the maths
Nhận xét từ : ianamck

Is it me or does the JCB drill at slight an angle?
Nhận xét từ : Leopold

Jacob Thykær
What do you pay for groundmats i your area?
Regards from Denmark

Nhận xét từ : Jacob Thykær

John Bowen
Why can't you drive the post in the ground bout 4-5-6 ft.and save all that hole digging and cement? Looks like that would save time and money??
Thanks for sharing!

Nhận xét từ : John Bowen

Владимир Го
Good job,hello from Russia, I m study English lengvich, because her videos is a cool,sorry my English is bed or poor.
Nhận xét từ : Владимир Го

Just for Fun
Huh ?
Nhận xét từ : Just for Fun

Kyle great job on getting the porch post piers done! I am looking forward to seeing you guys get the porches built! Thanks for all the excellent content!
Nhận xét từ : kickit59

john smith
What happened to the remodel??????????
Nhận xét từ : john smith

Angus Brown
There is only one thing with I can that youse never use is ppe, like ear protection or goggles
Nhận xét từ : Angus Brown

M. Lo
Nhận xét từ : M. Lo

Josh Sterling
How deep are the piers the soil seems very soft, are you concerned with settling
Just wondering how often you deal with soil engineers?

Nhận xét từ : Josh Sterling

Fred McIntyre
Nice work Kyle! 😃👍🏻👊🏻
Nhận xét từ : Fred McIntyre

Brian Brown
Excellent as usual!!!
Nhận xét từ : Brian Brown

Danny Harris
Really looks like a good build, Kyle. I liked the highlighted lines you added to overlay on the video for the porch layout. You know what they say. A picture is worth a 1000 words. I really liked the emphasis on that part! I anticipate watching the porch go together. Thanks for taking the time to edit the video to share with all of us. Good work, Kyle!
Nhận xét từ : Danny Harris

Freddie C
Learn a lot from youre videos Kyle, could do with a piece on front of skid steer to show the drill is going down Straight, not at an angle, Its the same with anything new, like a tune you hear it once and say dont like that, but hear it a few times, say Yeeahh thats good, same as skid steer attachment, used once, me no likey!!, used more than once you likey! get my drift!! good job like the vid.
Nhận xét từ : Freddie C

Was trying to save this, but had to watch this morning. Went by way too fast thoigh, & really WANT more😁. Love the vids, & awaiting the next one👍🏻

Nhận xét từ : Aepek

justin coon
Hey Kyle, I don’t know if you’ve done a video yet, but what about laying out the tin? I know the sheet covers 3’ wide, but it’s actually wider than that, could you do a layout video explaining how you start and end sheets on a building.
Nhận xét từ : justin coon

Arnt Eriksen
You have a long boom, why dont U use it?
Nhận xét từ : Arnt Eriksen

Christian F.
Absolutely super well explained. I would like to know what these buildings should cost. Needs no exact number, only about.
I like to watch your videos, very informative. If you are a very good boss, it will be fun to work with you. Greetings from Germany.

Nhận xét từ : Christian F.

Thomas Thillemann-Nielsen
Nhận xét từ : Thomas Thillemann-Nielsen

Lloyd Dahlen
Thanks again for sharing your info on the layout of that building it was really good, thanks 👍
Nhận xét từ : Lloyd Dahlen

Gordon Shearston
Just a small trick we used when drilling pier holes when we get to the right level we drop in the hole about half a bucket of water in the bottom spin the auger as fast as you can and it will clean the hole alot better if too wet drop some lime in the hole and spin the auger In the last few years we have been using 14 tonne excavators with multi speed augers which really clean the bottoms of the piers the other thing we do is dig the footings first then drill the piers after this quicker then doing it the other way especially if there is reo in the piers some of the excavators have cabins that side forward so the operator can see down the hole with out getting out of the machine from the retired Aussie builder that has drilled thousands of pier holes under his belt
Nhận xét từ : Gordon Shearston

Daniel Nordberg
The peers must go down to bedrock or solid terrain not just 6 feet. A geological report is needed! If you build on a sand dune, there will be major cracks soon after. Maybe you've done that out already. Great videos in any case. Thanks for sharing.
Nhận xét từ : Daniel Nordberg

Wilkinson Carpentry
That was a great explanation of how you squared up the porches , usually when people start talking math I drift off hahahhaa but u had me the whole way 👌👌👌
Nhận xét từ : Wilkinson Carpentry

Bro Abraham & Sis Kerri Walsh
Great job mate
Nhận xét từ : Bro Abraham & Sis Kerri Walsh

C Michael C
Apparently JCB watches all the content I do....
Nhận xét từ : C Michael C

Wondered if you'd figure out that you could run the arm out a bit so you can see the bottom of your auger.
Nhận xét từ : mungbean84

Simon Knight
Another great video and just love the Tele-skid the side door must be helpful. That's going to be some building when done can't wait till the end.
Nhận xét từ : Simon Knight

william vanderven
extend the arm to reduce pitch on the auger don't move the machine extend and retract the arm. just a thought.
Nhận xét từ : william vanderven

Zilvino Stogai
Nhận xét từ : Zilvino Stogai

I was wondering when we'd see that skid-steer in action.
Nhận xét từ : mjncad

Jeffery Myers
Kept waiting for you to step back into the hole.
Nhận xét từ : Jeffery Myers

Should be rather straight forward to put that drill on the telehandler and get rid of the skid. Example: Digga's PDX2 to PD8 range of Earth Drills, also called Auger Drives, are ideally suited for telehandlers and truck cranes with a flow between 30 to 115 lpm. Used for all types of drilling applications
Nhận xét từ : elbuggo

Gregor Miller
Great post, great skiddy. Welker Farms Inc, Shelby Montana did a post/review of this wonderful JCB earlier this summer, for a few months. If ya like farmers, check their site out, you will enjoy it.
Nhận xét từ : Gregor Miller

Ken S
What happened to the kubota?
Nhận xét từ : Ken S

George Fadous
You don’t put steel inside the pads?
Nhận xét từ : George Fadous

Евгений Григорьевич
Just finished watching some of yours old video! Great improvment on the quality of the content! keep it going guys (but please do not do a lot of theory in a row, dilute it with some actions). Thank you!
Nhận xét từ : Евгений Григорьевич

Howard's Channel
I wish I had a digger like that when I was building wood fences 40 years ago. We either dug them by hand using clam shell diggers or by renting a little beaver auger. Digging 50 plus holes in a day was a bit of a chore!
Nhận xét từ : Howard's Channel

Sparky Projects
Once you had the boom extended, it looked like you had a better view, and of course less of an arc when drilling
I was going to comment that for a better view you could get a reversing camera and mount by the top lights, with a monitor inside.

Nhận xét từ : Sparky Projects

Andy B
Another great video! Thanks again
Nhận xét từ : Andy B

kurt bees
Nhận xét từ : kurt bees

Nice! Invite everyone to a 4th of July party on Aug 17. LOL
Nhận xét từ : johnlyn1

Peter Hicks
And you could make all the measurements a whole lot easier by using the metric system, no more fractions of a inch.
Nhận xét từ : Peter Hicks

What’s better than expected mean? Is it better than the Kabota? Have you tried the bobcat?
Nhận xét từ : Jesse

Dan Kolar
Re the visibility problem, why not hang a little wifi camera off the front face of the cab and watch it via a tablet screen bungeed to the sun visor.
Nhận xét từ : Dan Kolar

giovanni petitti
Nhận xét từ : giovanni petitti

Todd Scholes
you do a lot of really nice buildings, but i have a question for you ? Have you ever built a house out of the buildings that you make? Just curious because they are making houses of them now these day...
Nhận xét từ : Todd Scholes

Barry Espeseth
Extremely interesting especially when I am planning on building a pole barn here in NE Ct in 2020.  Keep up the great instructional videos.
Nhận xét từ : Barry Espeseth

John Nelson
A middle school math lesson.
Nhận xét từ : John Nelson

Allen W
When you back up towards those holes... I fear you’re gonna fall in!
Nhận xét từ : Allen W

Retired driver
Looking good
Nhận xét từ : Retired driver

Garth Clark
Is there no "curb" at the bottom of the building exterior walls? What keeps the critters out and the rabbits inside the building?
Batter Boards....yes, that's them but don't know much about them.

Nhận xét từ : Garth Clark

Bill Sheffield
Its about time you put out a video. You got me hooked awhile back when you were doing one a day and I would watch it while eating breakfast now I'm loosing weight because I'm missing breakfast ( my wife says thanks) because nothing to watch. Ok it's 9am here so I can eat again, but for how long is the big question.
Nhận xét từ : Bill Sheffield

Mike Lilly
The visibility issue with the JCB could be remedied by extending the arm.
Nhận xét từ : Mike Lilly

Nathan Grepke
Hey, could an entire barn be built off pillars? I have an uneven grade and the cost of a footer and rat wall is too much. Your video has me wondering if I could pillar every hole, then back fill with and aggregate and pour a slab. That a possibility?
Nhận xét từ : Nathan Grepke

Joe Buckley
try using a control line and dispense with all the perpendicular bisector pythagorean theorem mumbo jumbo
Nhận xét từ : Joe Buckley

Richard Thomas
Wow actually I am surprised that the sand held up to the cement truck . Good job !
Nhận xét từ : Richard Thomas

Richard Grenfell
I’m curious to know why you didn’t set brackets into the brackets,

That said another great video & I’m sure future episodes why show why we didn’t see the brackets go in

Nhận xét từ : Richard Grenfell

Ryan The entrepreneur
Nice video 👍
Nhận xét từ : Ryan The entrepreneur

Michael O'Donoghue
Perfect Porch Pier Pours
Nhận xét từ : Michael O'Donoghue

Really liking this job. Thanks for bringing it to us. I've always loved the logic of math , so I get it.
Nhận xét từ : zrkn1

Plumb my square please.
Nhận xét từ : CreamyCornCob

“What if you just level out your stick” 😂😂😂
Nhận xét từ : themrnorwood

TC Woodshop
You remind me of my uncle! He owned a metal building construction business. It was my very first job i was 16 and he sure whipped me into shape! Great job at keeping with the grind!
Nhận xét từ : TC Woodshop

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